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Sandeep Mall is a leading wildlife photographer. A successful industrialist who put his company on autopilot mode and left for the jungle.
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My Passion
My passion for the wild has found a voice not just through my photographs, but through my magazine, Saevus which was started by me and my two wildlife photographer friends
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Selected work
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“Inspiration to “me” comes naturally from “you”…what you see through your lens reflects the “purity of your Heart”….. May you be blessed forever….””


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Hi Sandeep ..I have seen many sites but not like the one you have made ..Its outstanding and the Tiltviewer is the best.I have not come across somthing like it…Great work and all the best ..


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“Sexy website!! Photo display.. the tilt viewer… superb! Gives an amazing feel to view pics!!! And your research about the family.. hats off!!!”


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“According to me Sandeep has actually reached the final stage of self actualization as per the Maslow’s hirearchy of needs”


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