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Too many people in the park – not a healthy sight

I started going to work for few hours from this week. Recovery is slow and as per the Docs its going to take some six months for all the symptoms to get back to normal. I still have the burning sensation in my hands and left leg. The positive is I am able to walk better and have some good percent recovery in the strength in my right hand. Its

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Blog | on December, 06, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

What I did to survive my surgery

I came back home after my cervical disk replacement surgery. I was operated on 19th November at the Max Hospital in Delhi. This was the first time in my life when I was being operated upon. So obviously I was nervous but I had to keep myself strong to keep my family strong specially my Dad. So I had to look and move absolutely normal like nothing was happening. God

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Blog | on November, 23, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Materialism and spirituality

At our home we have some extremes in both Materialism and spirituality. The kids are too materialistic wanting to own everything they see on the net and my Grand Mom is spiritual to the max. And we co exist. Is it possible that Materialism and Spirituality can co exist? Yes, depending on what you mean of spirituality. For me Spirituality is humanity. I learned this from my Grand Father. This

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Blog | on September, 01, 2008 | by | 1 Comments

Happy Birthday India

Tears rolled down my eyes when the Indian flag went up and our national anthem was played at the Olympics couple of days back. Abhinav Bindra had won the Gold Medal for India after 28 years and of course its the first individual Gold by an Indian. India last had won the Gold in 1980 in hockey and at that time I was a student of class VIII and in

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5 Hrs from the Beijing 2008 will start. Any Olympics is special but this one has the world watching it closely and eagerly as it takes place in China. As the world turns its gaze to Beijing for Friday’s opening ceremony of the Olympic Games – set to begin on 8/8/08 at 8:08 p.m. – a record throng of 9,000 Chinese couples also will be lining up to get married.

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Blog | on August, 08, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Lucky to have friends – My first call

Since last more than 10 years the first call I am making every day is to 9811….49 to wake up Rajesh Agarwal for our game of Tennis. He used to be my partner earlier now plays against me. I met Rajesh for the first time some time in 1996. We had been allotted shed no 222 for our plant and Rajesh owned 220 with his partner Aman. To find out

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Blog | on August, 04, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Lucky to have friends – my 24hr helpline

Some time in 1993 Papa informed me about a new Chartered accountant who will take care of our books of accounts and asked me to meet him when I visited Faridabad next time. I went to his office in Sector – 7 , a small one. I was impressed meeting him. Madhu Ladha came from a very small village near Jaipur in Rajasthan. Many years later I went to see

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Blog | on August, 03, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Lucky to have friends- Bachapan ke saath

I write this blog from my train travelling to Purulia , my hometown. I am taking a train journey after almost 18 months last time was also when I had gone to Purulia. I was well in time at the station keeping the security going on these days. Nothings changed it seems at the station. Its still dirty and you don’t feel safe and secure somehow. So many people ,

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Blog | on August, 02, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

My first MRI

I had a MRI done for my spines today. MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. I googled to find out more on MRI and interestingly found that it was earlier called NMRI , N standing for Nuclear but as the word Nuclear sounded negative so it was removed. As the name says MRI is done by creating a powerful magnetic field as powerful as 20000 times stronger than Earths magnetic field.

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Blog | on July, 26, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

A visit to the Presidents house

Yesterday we had this great opportunity to visit the Rashtrapti Bhawan – The Presidents House. I had sent an email to the President few days back requesting permission to allow us a visit to see this beautiful mansion with 340 rooms and 4 floors. To my pleasant surprise I received a call from Her excellencies secretariat on Saturday that our request has been accepted and so we set of to

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Blog | on July, 21, 2008 | by | 1 Comments
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