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Living for yourself

I was remembering Babuji (my Grand Father) today – his thoughts and lessons to me in life and had written two big paras on those but I don’t know how those got deleted and just couldn’t get them back and neither those emotions to write again at this time. I thought let me continue on myself at this time. I was trying to recollect when was the last time I

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Blog | on July, 19, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

A week to the peak

In a weeks time I celebrate my 43rd Birthday. 42 years of memories – some wonderful and for some I have regrets. If I divide my 42 years in two parts the first 21 has been with so many regrets – the major being not continuing with my studies. I have had more successes in the 2nd part of this span. Talking of regrets the other day in Sunday Brunch

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Blog | on July, 18, 2008 | by | 1 Comments

When more is not enough

Tomorrow is going to be my big shopping day – as I will be exploring some books for my library as I have no unread books. As I was searching some books online, I came across a book by Dr PeterWhybrow, ” American Mania: When more is not enough” Whybrow states that we have a nation of “bigger houses but smaller families; more conveniences but less time; wider freeways but

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Blog | on July, 12, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Life at 40+

In couple of weeks i will complete 42 years of my life. I have often heard the word Mid life Crisis. Its the most challenging time for men as at this time they are at the peak of there career and yet harbor a sharp awareness that the end is near. Its the time when you are in charge and also know that in some years you have to let

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Uncategorized | on July, 11, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

I love NY

This afternoon after my return from work I was sitting idle and changing TV channels. One of the channels was showing the movie “Jaaneman” starring Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Priety Zinta. The movie is shot completely in NY and that reminded me of my last years holidays to New York. I remember my first trip to NY on 15th June 2001. I had gone to the World Trade Center,

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Blog | on July, 05, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Our English class

Today I took my second English class for the first batch of my colleagues in LNM. And I am enjoying it and happy to share my knowledge with people. It all started last week when I received an email fromone of my colleague and the language used was not English that we know. I thought I need to help her out and so this idea came to teach English to

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Blog | on July, 03, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

The burden of being good

We all must have grown up being told to be good to all. We all try also. May be at our young age we keep the vindictive attitude towards some one for something they did wrong to us but now at this middle age I am trying to be good to every one and every thing. But there are times when I feel suffocated at being Good. I feel may

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Blog | on July, 02, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Charity begins at home

Minoo & Divyansh are back from there summer holidays. Its the last week of the summer holidays for the kids before they get busy into there new classes, new books. Sameep goes into Class XI and Divyansh to Class VII. Minoo will get busy with there activities from the next week. As I had mentioned earlier I am trying to change my routine and lifestyle for the last two weeks.

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Blog | on June, 27, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Tobu- my guru of happiness and patience

Since the last three weeks we have at home a distant cousin of mine from my Moms side. His name is Pratush Panpalia but he is called TOBU by every one. In fact I came to know about his real name yesterday evening. Always am used to calling him by his PET name.Tobu is 15 year old short highted and studies in Class IX. He lives in a joint family

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Blog | on June, 23, 2008 | by | 0 Comments

Reactive, Proactive and being parent

Well I have been noticing certain incidences where we are reactive. We react to a situation then being proactive. I have had many incidences at work and home where un necessarily we react to situations. We never are proactive to avoid such situations. We carry an image of somebody or something and always react to that illusions that we have built up in the mind. We are rarely appreciative. I

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Blog | on June, 21, 2008 | by | 0 Comments
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