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Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die

Recession forced me to cut costs and I had to relinquish luxury of driver. I always enjoy driving and also hate to have a driver who most of the time is all ears to what u r talking but had to hire one as I was not allowed to drive after my surgery for more than six months. Its been a real test of patience on the roads. The civic

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Blog | on November, 17, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

I know I will be reborn again

This day a year back I was admitted for my disk replacement surgery. An event that changed my complete thought process and priorities in life. It also made me realise things that I will not be able to do any more , things that I always wanted to but never had time to do. Suddenly I found out I have out grown those little little things that I never did

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Blog | on November, 16, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

Will we ever touch them

For the last many years I had been under the impression that the biggest competition for my business comes from China but this trip has really changed my prospective. LNM is presently making products for all the top OEM companies in Mining & Construction supplying products all across the globe. Couple of year back I used to listen from my customers that we are expensive then China etc but lately

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Blog | on September, 12, 2009 | by | 1 Comments

Social approval or self approval

Sangeet is coming today for couple of days. Its our Rakhi tomorrow. Our community – Maheshwari- celebrates Rakhi on Purnima( Full moon) around 20 days after the others do. I don’t know why but I have seen this since my first Rakhi and as a school kid it always looked funny when I used to reach school with all the Rakhis tied to my wrist. A few years back I

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Blog | on September, 03, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

Brain Drain or drain in the brain

The Union budget was presented today in the parliament. I am not an economist nor I understand all these huge numbers. I hope the guys concerned do understand 🙂 . But what interested me was government spending over 2000 Crores on IIT’s and NIT’s. This is a wonderful news for our higher education system. Our gen next will have more opportunities to get good education. Good for them and hopefully

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Blog | on July, 06, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

What we have lost over the years

I spent the Saturday watching two 1950’s movies – ” Do Aur Do Char” and ” Mr X in Bombay”. I had no idea what these movies are about but got them as I wanted to see Kishore Kumar movies as they have rib tickling comedy. Divyansh was not amused as firstly they were old movies and secondly Black & White. Well ‘Do aur Do Char” is inspired by Shakespeares

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Blog | on July, 05, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

God has been even

I write this during my train journey from Kuopio to Helsinki within Finland. Its been now almost 12 days traveling within Germany, UK, Austria and Finland. This is my second visit to Finland. Last time when I came here it was in April. It was cold at that time but this time during June the weather was excellent. Clear sky and of course 24 hrs day. I have traveled some

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Blog | on June, 13, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

Why I like London

Minoo and I took a small holiday to London last week. It has been some time when we have had a holiday. It was great to be at London and we had a perfect time there. Except that the weather had been bad and rainy for four of the five days we were there. But it was fun seeing history specially for me who likes to read history. London has

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Blog | on June, 10, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

If I was wise

I have always learnt from my father about savings and investment and he has done a wonderful justice to this through out his career. I have been doing reasonably well too. But some how the last five years I made some wrong choices. I invested in stocks, mutual funds and properties. And I am loosing in most of it. If only I was wise enough to invest in our politicians….

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Blog | on April, 15, 2009 | by | 0 Comments

Manifestos – God bless this country

Manifestos visit us once in five years as do our politicians. I dont remember past manifestos neither does the political parties which announced them. But this time the manifestos are real stupidity and more stupidity. So we have one national party announcing rice at Rs 3.00 per kg and the opposition coming up with Rs.2.00 per kg. Unfortunately they dont have schemes to give employment and better economy so that

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Blog | on April, 11, 2009 | by | 0 Comments
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