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The angry India

In few days we are going to celebrate our Independence. 64 years of Independent country. One of the worlds fastest growing economy. Tremendous wealth creation for its citizen. Some of the best entrepreneurs and corporates ( The world is least bothered if some senator calls Infosys Chop shop). Some of the world largest corporates now are headed by Indians. It will not be a surprise to see some Indian becoming

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In India, the word “Sandhya” -Twilight is synonymn with prayer. If you approach an orthodox Hindu family who is praying , he will say “I am doing my Sandhya”. When the sun rises , there is a great change.The whole passive existence becomes active.Sleep is broken, dreams dissappear. Everyone arises.A resurrection,.An opportunity to rise to new peaks. And the same change happens when sun sets.Everything quiets,calms. A tranquility, a deep

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Golden Himalayas

Sunset over Mussoorie Hills. View from Gun Hill. Had an excellent three day with Minoo, Divyansh and siblings. Sameep was missed badly

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Understanding Anger- does getting angry help

I have been in some very embarrassing situations at work when heated angry words are exchanged between colleagues. A few years back I myself had gone through some difficult times when I used to get angry at smallest issues and had broken my hand trying to hit a TV and broken many a glasses in a fit of anger. I had used abusive language for my own people and family.

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Simplicity in Life

I suddenly realised today how grateful God has been on me as I rarely had to do things that always looked simple but are the most complicated. For all the services that I use I always had some body assisting me and I always got things on a platter. Today my relationship manager at Citibank was on leave and I had to call these guys on some urgent matter with

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The first encounter

At 40 degrees plus we had been waiting for the Kitty to give us some glimpse. Couple of Sambhar calls behind us and we see the beauty eying us from behind the tree. It came out close enough to shake hands and literally modeled for one hour exclusively for us. My first proper tiger sighting in the wild and this is what I saw. It gave all possible shots and

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Happiness has to be my decision

Though this is there for donkeys years but since last few months I have been realizing how my being happy or sad or whatever feelings I am going though is controlled and dependent on others. Citing some of the recent events – I felt depressed when Divyansh didn’t come up with his expected results, when my friend Rajesh quit Rotary, excited with my new Mac, some great shots with the

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