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The Deserrt

  Shot at Jaisalmer on a holiday with Minoo using Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 16-35 f2.8

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At the office driveway

iPhonegiri | on November, 21, 2011 | by | 1 Comments

The cautious Zebras

This was shot at Masai mara, Kenya with Canon 50D and 17-35 mm. The zebras were cautiously watching three Cheetahs approaching them

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The neighbourhood gossip

Pelicans enjoying a chit chat. Shot at Lake Nakuru, Kenya using Canon 5D markIi with Canon 600f4

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Samvatsari- A day to say sorry

Received an SMS from my dear friend and fellow Rotarian Devashis Kuthari asking for forgiveness in all his actions on this day when Jains across the globe celebrate Samvatsari – a day to say Sorry. I was curious about this and was really amazed about this annual Jain community ‘Sorry Telling Day’. Samvatsari is considered as the most pious day of a year and Jain people do prayer on this

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Save Water

Better to serve your guests half glass water and give more if they need- but no point them wasting water drinking few sips from the full glass you give. Save Water

Avians | on June, 05, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

Rosy Starlings on a full moon

Rosy Starlins flying back home on a full moon evening. Shot at Khijadiya, Jamnagar

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While staying with Mujaheed Bhai at Rann Riders,Dassada during last months photo tour of Gujarat had a wonderful experience. There was a picnic trip of some local school which had come at the resort. As we set out for our afternoon safari one of the girls Fatima got curious of all the heavy equipment we were carrying and enquired what we plan to do. I told her we were planning

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