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Why I decided to transform

From my late 20’s I transferred all my energy to one thing and that was my work. LNM Auto was my top priority. Working 80 hours a week the growth and success that it gave me used to give me a kick. The more my company grew, the more I would put efforts into it. Never had time for myself or even family. Took no holidays. Then I was hit

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Jal Mahal – reflections

Jal Mahal is a palace located in the midst of Man Sagar lake in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In the past, at the location of the lake, there was a natural depression where water used to accumulate. During 1596 AD, when there was a severe famine in this region there was consequent acute shortage of water. The then ruler of Ajmer was, therefore, motivated to build a dam to store water to overcome the

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Lesser Flamingo with its teens

Lesser Flamingo with its teens

Avians | on December, 19, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

Annakut – Mountain of food

Today we are celebrating  Annakut  at home. The whole community of friends and relatives eagerly wait for this puja at our home. Annakut is celebrated on the 1st day of Gujarati new year and also called Bestu Varsh. The day as per Hindu calender of the Vikram era is Kartik sud 1. As Hindu year comes to an end, families come together to celebrate one of the most sacred and

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Photographers make time machines

Minoo and me are redoing our living room and decided to do one of the walls with our family pictures. There would be some 50 pics on that wall and we had tens of thousands to choose from.  Going through those pics one by one took me into time capsule of my life. Looking at picture of my redesigned white dirt bike which had SANDS branded on the fuel tank

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How to shoot a panaroma

1. Shoot on a tripod 2. Shoot vertical 3.Switch white balance to cloud and not auto. Your white balance will change from frame to frame if kept in auto 4. Press half shutter too note your shutter and f speed. instead of auto set up ur settings to this exposure 5. Do autofocus on your first frame and then switch to manual so it does not change any more 6.

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Some tips at the gym

I have been going to gym now for the last 12 weeks or so.  Nothing great, everyone goes. Its just that I never went. After my car crash and disk replacement I used to live in continuos pain. There was no treatment to my pain except that I had to bear it 24 X 7. My weight increased so did all the fat. My cholesterol & try glycerine went over

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Great Indian Bustard

Amongst the heaviest birds, it is on the brink of extinction, being critically endangered by hunting and loss of habitat. It finds mention in history books as a delicacy from time of Babur and it was a top gaming bird during the British rule. Tribal Bhils are claimed to have used a technique for trapping females that involves setting twigs on fire around the nest containing an egg or chick. The female

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Focus on being you

There are technically no rules in photography but accepted best practises. I believe you should know the rules before trying to break them. Breaking them makes sense if you know why you are breaking them. Scientists in photography are passionate about the bell curve . For that perfect exposure. The perfect exposure is what you want to make. For eg take this shot. The exposue is 1.5 times brighter then

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The Blue mountains

The Blue mountains is a hilly region 50 kms from Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. During my last trip got an opportunity to visit there and it was a tremendous experience trekking, climbing the steepest train in the world or on the cable car. Its a world heritage sight and approx 10000 sq Km area. Its a great place to see wildlife with more than 400 species like spotted taile

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