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Composing a landscape

Lot of times we come across some landscapes pictures by great masters which makes us say WOW.  Take a moment to study those wonderful stunning images. You will find few things common 1)  Rule of third –  Place the subject you want to highlight on the intersecting lines at 2/3rd of your screen on the view finder 2) Balance the elements – If you have something on your far right

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A stormy evening

As I walked from darling harbour in Sydney to the Opera house to shoot the harbour bridge in twilights and setting sun – it suddenly became cloudy, dark and started to rain. Some of the images of that evening.

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Secrets to enjoying photography

Get out of the chair. Go and shoot. Shoot at the every opportunity you have. Shoot what you like. Not what others want or advise until and unless they are paying for it. Dont try to copy others. I have seen people try to copy pictures even if they are not comfortable doing it the way it has been done. Love your way. Cameras or equipment is of little help.

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How to include the moon and still keep the details

It always is a dream shot to have a night landscape with the moon in its all details. We end up with an over exposed bright circle instead of the detailed moon because of the long exposure required for the night shot. The way photographers do it is by taking multiple exposures ie take two shots and combine them in photoshop. 1. Take a picture of the landscape. Use tripod

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In India, the word “Sandhya” -Twilight is synonymn with prayer. If you approach an orthodox Hindu family who is praying , he will say “I am doing my Sandhya”. When the sun rises , there is a great change.The whole passive existence becomes active.Sleep is broken, dreams dissappear. Everyone arises. A resurrection. An opportunity to rise to new peaks. And the same change happens when sun sets. Everything quiets,calms. A

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Simplicity in life and photography

With “more” – its more complicated. Simplicity is always a winner. I believe the best electronic product today is from Apple and its just one thing – Touch. Look at the Google screen. So simple. That’s why they are so successful. The best pictures we like are “Simple”. But still we have a habit to complicate things. The more we want, the more complicated it gets. I never realised this

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The new Iphone’s coming

The official invitations for the September 12 Apple event has gone to the press. The most awaited phone of 2012 is going to be showcased on Sep 12 at San Fransisco.Rarely has a product ever been so analyzed, so rumored, and so leaked as Apple’s next-gen phone. Not a day, or even an hour, goes by without a new picture of the rumored case, screen, connector jack, even headphones. Well

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Positive reflection – Living life on the surface.

In an ideal situation, the thoughts that run in my mind, should be exactly those that I would like and I want. We do exert this control, that we possess, over our thoughts, but it is not complete and it is only sometimes. The more we become completely engrossed in our daily routine, the more our thoughts tend to become reactions to what goes on outside us. That’s when they

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Positive reflections – The Journey of Time

Read today in newspaper that the way we are destroying our resources by 2050 we will not have drinking water in our country. River Saraswati is all vanished generations ago, Yamuna is just a drain, Ganga is on way to go the same way. Imagine Allahabadh Sangam – with no river. We use time to attempt to measure change. One day is measured by the time taken by the earth

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Positive Reflections – Happiness

Some people would rather be right than happy. You’ll know that when you find yourself defending a position or an opinion in an argument. You find it impossible to climb down, let go, withdraw, give in, because you believe that would be losing. And you cannot accept the thought of being seen as a loser. Winning equals happiness and losing equals sorrow, that’s what you think. But hold on a

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