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Sandeep Mall is a leading wildlife photographer. He also happens to be one of the visionaries behind the wonderfully engaging wildlife magazine Saevus. Sounds like any other photographers story, until of course, one hears the story of his transition from straight-jacketed businessman and industrialist, to someone whose life now revolves around the wild outdoors. He’s been inspired, to not only see a change, but to be one.

In 2008, Sandeep was involved in a near fatal road accident while on his way from New York to New Jersey. Trapped in a 10-car pile up his survival was nothing short of miraculous.

Blessed with a second life, Sandeep took stock of his life thus far and he came to realise that he had not done anything beyond running his business. He then began actively pursuing his forgotten interests. Cooking like a pro, Drumming and shooting pictures like there was no tomorrow

With his trusty SLR, Sandeep went to the Madai Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh for a holiday and realised that he really enjoyed capturing the beauty of nature through the lens. Weekend and bi-monthly trips to nature parks and sanctuaries soon became a routine affair. But his trip to Ranthambore in 2009 helped him realise that that wildlife photography was not just a mere hobby but an unquenchable passion. It was a therapy unlike any other, that did wonders for the emotional and corporeal pain that plagued him ever since the car crash, and consequent disc replacement surgery.

He carried on with his life for almost 5 months, before he was told that his nerve cells were degenerating. By the time the treatment started, some of the nerves were beyond repair, leading to acute pain in his body. He had taught himself to accept the pain, but that fortuitous first day in Ranthambore magically rid him of his torment. Nature, in all its splendour seemed to motivate him to live life anew. This realisation changed his life forever. He put his company on auto pilot and became a full time wildlife photographer.

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