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Weight loss explained.

One of the most searched question on Google is How to loose weight. The simple answer to that is making healthy alterations to your diet, eating fewer overall calories, and exercising at least 60 minutes 3-4 days per week. Set your goal. Anything more than 1 to 2 pounds a week is not desirable and will be difficult to achieve. You will loose motivation. be realistic. Measure yourself. Know how

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A serene evening

As it is said the best time to shoot is half an hour before sunrise or half an hour after sunset.                

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Want to increase your metabolism 

Do this circuit. 3 sets of each non stop and then take a two minute break before starting the next combination.  A)  Burpees 15 Chest press 15 B) Single arm row 15 each  Decline push-ups 15 C) two part dumbell row 15 Tricep dips 15 D) Suitcase Desdlift  15 Chest  fly 15 

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Why exercising is a high priority to me than career 

I notice that all the Entrepreneur friends and family around me have an attitude that business comes first. It trumps everything else family, friends and even health.I have done it myself. Have sacrificed all these things for my business. The whole focus was on making business successful. I was lucky. Minoo stuck by me. Despite my giving very little time to the kids they still find me their role model.

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A serene evening 

The best time to shoot is half an hour before sunrise or half an hour after sunset 

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Stop “Going to the gym”

I see lot of regulars at the gym who spend more time chit chatting and do random workouts. They neither have a goal nor a plan. If you are also one of them get serious about your fitness and take your confidence to the next level . First stop “going to the gym”. Going to the gym means going there without any plan. I mean going there not knowing why

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What stops you from being positive ?

* Other people’s negativity rubbing off on you; * Other people’s criticisms influencing you; * Self-doubt; * Lacking clear objectives in life; * Not having recognized your true qualities, virtues and values; * Lacking self-confidence; * Not believing you are a positive person; * Keeping the past in your mind; * Being egoistic; * Comparing yourself with others; * Having low self-esteem; * Being frustrated or irritated; * Lacking flexibility

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Dependency on others for happiness

Watch how many things you do during the day are dependent on how you imagine the other sees you: your husband, your wife, your friend, your child, your cousin, your aunt, your boss, the secretary or whoever. You imagine how they are going to look at you and, as a result, you mould yourself accordingly. If you depend on the look of the other, inwardly you will always feel fear.

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Dos and Donts of stretching

Stretching is one of the most important activity to be done to avoid injury and get your postures correct, Stretching will keep you safe, sound and in good shape. Dos and Donts Dont stretch for long. Studies have shown stretching a body part for 30 seconds and two minutes don’t produce any extra result. In fact intense stretches should be done for 15 seconds max to avoid muscle hypoxia. It

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The empty train

On the Inter City Express in Germany running at 200 plus kms an hour came across this wonderful perspective. Shot with iPhone 6S

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