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Can Humans be Happy

Happiness is unbelievable. It is a fiction. Human can not be happy. The best we do is we make things a bit comfortable thereby reducing unhappiness a little. If humans were happy there would never be so many Gods, so many religions. There will be no need for meditation.  A happy person needs no religion, no temple. Quoting a small incident. In a class a teacher kept asking small children

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Overcoming fears connected with negative past

Some of our fears arise due to the situations we have lived through; for example, if you are driving a car and you have an accident. Then you take some time to drive again, because the memory of the accident awakens the fear of having another one or reliving the one you had. The person that has never had a car accident gets in the car with confidence, because they

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The Indian Election Tamasha

The Indian Elections starts in around two weeks. It might be the only country where the General Elections are held over a month. The poll results will be counted on 16th May and we have two months of daily dose of entertainment on television. I am sorry I used the wrong word entertainment. This time its hate & more hate. The politicians talk all crap. The media is working for

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The desire for revenge

Over the last few weeks I am noticing a war of words going around amongst couple of my friends on facebook.  I asked one of them one day without any intention of intruding – where is it leading? Is he getting more happiness doing what he is.  He responded he and his family has been humiliated and blah blah blah and he wants to take revenge and make life miserable

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Why I love rising early?

From my days in school hostel I am used to rising early. What ever time I sleep usually I am up before sunrise. I love being able to get up and greet a wonderful new day.  My experience says there is no other better way to start your day than to wake up early.  The early morning time is for myself.  Time when it is so peaceful. I can think, plan

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Smartphone killed my happiness.

We go into another weekend. I remember few years back how weekend used to be fun. The whole family would load in our Innova and go to some place in Delhi or surrounding area. Four generations. Now its become such a dream. And even if it happens it gets killed by everyone on their smartphone. Chatting with friends and family miles away when the close ones are sitting together. Earlier

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Workflow options in Photoshop Camera raw

  1. Space – Adobe RGB is usually the most common choice for all photographersAt the bottom of camera raw you will see a blue hyperlink which shows the color space, bit depth and resolution setting of the image. Click the hyperlink to open up the Workflow Options dialog box and take control of how the image will be opened into Photoshop. 2. Depth – Work in 16 bit mode in

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My tryst with Destiny

Around 14 to15 years back, there was a time when I was at Nagpur visiting my grandfather who had taken ill and was admitted in the I.C.U. During that prolonged and difficult period at the hospital, there was one elderly gentleman who was a regular sight in the waiting area. Finally, we got introduced to each other and I learnt that he was the retired Chief Justice of Mumbai High

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How to get warmer sunrise/sunset

Heres a simple trick to get warmer sunrise/sunset. As I use Canon so this is for canon DSLR’s 1. Set your camera white balance to daylight 2. Choose WB SHIFT/BKT in menu. Press Set button to get the white balance/bracketing screen 3. Using the joystick/multi controller move the little square two clicks towards A ie. Amber. This will warm up the white balance 4. Press Set to lock the settings.

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Positive Reflections – The flight of harmony

When birds have to fly to a warmer climate in winter, they flock together and start their journey as a group. The success of the journey depends on the group: if an individual bird does not join the group, it cannot reach the destination on its own. Birds fly in a particular formation, with an appropriate space between them as they fly. If they fly too close to each other,

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