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A serene evening 

The best time to shoot is half an hour before sunrise or half an hour after sunset 

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A view from the Sky

As my plane was going to land at Frankfurt. Shot with iPhone6S

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How to get warmer sunrise/sunset

Heres a simple trick to get warmer sunrise/sunset. As I use Canon so this is for canon DSLR’s 1. Set your camera white balance to daylight 2. Choose WB SHIFT/BKT in menu. Press Set button to get the white balance/bracketing screen 3. Using the joystick/multi controller move the little square two clicks towards A ie. Amber. This will warm up the white balance 4. Press Set to lock the settings.

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Focus on being you

There are technically no rules in photography but accepted best practises. I believe you should know the rules before trying to break them. Breaking them makes sense if you know why you are breaking them. Scientists in photography are passionate about the bell curve . For that perfect exposure. The perfect exposure is what you want to make. For eg take this shot. The exposue is 1.5 times brighter then

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The Blue mountains

The Blue mountains is a hilly region 50 kms from Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. During my last trip got an opportunity to visit there and it was a tremendous experience trekking, climbing the steepest train in the world or on the cable car. Its a world heritage sight and approx 10000 sq Km area. Its a great place to see wildlife with more than 400 species like spotted taile

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Blog, Landscape, Travel | on September, 11, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

Composing a landscape

Lot of times we come across some landscapes pictures by great masters which makes us say WOW.  Take a moment to study those wonderful stunning images. You will find few things common 1)  Rule of third –  Place the subject you want to highlight on the intersecting lines at 2/3rd of your screen on the view finder 2) Balance the elements – If you have something on your far right

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A stormy evening

As I walked from darling harbour in Sydney to the Opera house to shoot the harbour bridge in twilights and setting sun – it suddenly became cloudy, dark and started to rain. Some of the images of that evening.

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In India, the word “Sandhya” -Twilight is synonymn with prayer. If you approach an orthodox Hindu family who is praying , he will say “I am doing my Sandhya”. When the sun rises , there is a great change.The whole passive existence becomes active.Sleep is broken, dreams dissappear. Everyone arises. A resurrection. An opportunity to rise to new peaks. And the same change happens when sun sets. Everything quiets,calms. A

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Simplicity in life and photography

With “more” – its more complicated. Simplicity is always a winner. I believe the best electronic product today is from Apple and its just one thing – Touch. Look at the Google screen. So simple. That’s why they are so successful. The best pictures we like are “Simple”. But still we have a habit to complicate things. The more we want, the more complicated it gets. I never realised this

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Blog, Landscape, Mammals | on September, 05, 2012 | by | 9 Comments

The new Iphone’s coming

The official invitations for the September 12 Apple event has gone to the press. The most awaited phone of 2012 is going to be showcased on Sep 12 at San Fransisco.Rarely has a product ever been so analyzed, so rumored, and so leaked as Apple’s next-gen phone. Not a day, or even an hour, goes by without a new picture of the rumored case, screen, connector jack, even headphones. Well

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Blog, iPhonegiri, Landscape | on September, 05, 2012 | by | 4 Comments
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