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Sandeep’s passion for the wild has found a voice not just through his photographs but through Saevus, a niche wildlife magazine that Sandeep and two of his friends, both wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts, have put together with an effort to create a platform for those interested in nature and wildlife to share their photos, stories and experiences. It was during the course of taking up wildlife photography seriously, he realised, that there were hardly any publications in India where good work was being appreciated and given its due. They thus wanted to create a platform for wildlife enthusiasts. That is when Sandeep and his friend Santanu Nandy, a corporate hocho and a wildlife photographer by passion, met up during a photography trip and decided to start something that would showcase the works of those keenly pursing the wild as photographers, writers and watchers. That is how the thought of Saevus was conceived.

The duo knew they wanted a magazine, but they were also aware that neither of them were the best wildlife photographers in the country and that it was crucial to rope in someone who was technically the best in photography and that is when they invited photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee to be part of the project. Thus, in March 2011, Saevus, a word that in Latin means Wild, was born.

Today, the magazine is available pan-India in all leading book stores. The role that Saevus plays, feels Sandeep, is not just to act as a platform for those interested in wildlife. It is an effort to portray the beauty of nature in all its splendour for non-enthusiasts to see so that they appreciate the importance of preserving the natural habitats across the country. Sandeep is quick to point out that they are not green crusaders, but they want to tell people that the forests are really beautiful and that they should not be destroyed or their natural beauty compromised. Learn more about Saevus on www.saevus.in.


The habits that we inculcate as children stay with us forever. It is with this thought that Sandeep and his friends are reaching out to school children from across the country through various events that they feel will help to inculcate love and respect for the natural reserves of our country.

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