Sandeep Mall

My Passion

My passion for the wild has found a voice not just through my photographs, but through my magazine, Saevus. Understanding that there were hardly any publications in India where good work was being appreciated and given its due.

Me and my two fellow nature loving, wildlife photographer friends started the magazine, the magazine has helped in the sharing of nature and wildlife photos, stories and experiences amongst those with a penchant for it. We knew what we wanted out of the magazine, but we were also well aware that neither of us were the best wildlife photographers in the country, and that it would be crucial to rope in someone with the technical acumen for photography. We invited renowned photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee to join the project. On a pleasantly warm spring day in March 2011, Saevus was born. A word true to its latin meaning – WILD!

Today, the magazine is available pan-India and in all leading book stores and e-retailers. Saevus is an effort to portray the exquisiteness of nature in all its splendour, in order to appeal, and be appreciated by everyone. It is also meant as an embouchure for the importance ofpreserving the natural habitats across the country.

Sandeep is quick to point out that they are not green crusaders, but that they want to educate people about the beauty of the forests and the dangers of their destruction

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Reaching out to Gen Y –

The habits that we imbibe as children, stay with us forever. It is with this thought that me and my friends are reaching out to school children from across the country through various events that we feel would help to inspire love and amplify a sense of respect and reverence for the natural reserves of our country.